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ION Red Line News

Check here for rules of the forum, updates on whats new, important, news, etc. as well as industry news on the Saturn ION Red Line.
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Redline Forums Site Polls

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Redline Forum Site Help Feedbacks and Suggestions

Questions about forum functionality or suggestions for improvement. Need help finding what you're looking for? Let us know here!
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New Member Section

Drop in and meet the crew
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General Area

General Discussion

General Discussion area. If you need to talk about something but it doesnt fit into a more specific category down below, try in here.
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Car Care/Detailing

Here is where you can post your questions and topics about general car care and detailing.
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Off-Topic Discussion

Discussion for Off-Topic Items
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Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Here is where you can post your questions and topics about wheels, tires, brakes and suspension.
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HowTo & Product Reviews This section contains all the available HowTo documents we have as well as Product Reviews.

HowTo Section

This section contains HowTo documents. If you have completed a task or modification to your car that you think others might find helpful, please post a HowTo document in here.
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Product Reviews

This section contains product reviews by our userbase. Product reviews should be limited to items that relate to the Saturn ION Redline and other Redline vehicles only.
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ION Redline Forums

ION Redline Discussion

Discussion about the ION Redline
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Performance Modifications

Discuss performance modifications for your Saturn ION Redline in here.
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Visual Modifications

Discuss any visual modifications for your Saturn ION Redline in here.
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Tuning & Electronics

This section is for discussion of tuning devices, such as: aftermarket ECU's, piggy backs, fuel controllers, timing adjusters, data loggers and other electronic items.
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Audio / Visual

Area for Audio / Visual discussion.
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Problems & Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your Saturn ION Redline and you need troubleshooting assistance, this is the correct section to post in.
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Drag Racing Discussion

This section is for discussion of the Satirm ION Redline in drag racing applications. Also in this section, is the "official" Saturn ION Redline 1/4 mile list!
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Autocross / Road Racing Discussion

If you need to discuss Autocrossing or Road Racing your ION Redline, this is the place to do it.
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ION Picture/Media Post

Post pictures and media clips regarding the ION Redline here.
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Kills Section

Let us know about any notable kills (or losses) in this section. We always like to hear about good races.
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VUE Redline Forums

VUE Redline Discussion

Discussion about the VUE Redline.
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VUE Picture/Media Post

Post pictures and media clips regarding the VUE Redline here.
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Sky Forums

Sky Discussion

General discussion about the new Saturn Sky
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Sky Picture/Media Post

Photos and multimedia of the Saturn Sky
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Buy/Sell Area

Buy/Sell Parts

If you are looking to sell parts, or trying to find parts, this is the correct section.
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Buy/Sell Cars

If your looking to sell your car, or you havent been able to find the car you are looking for... try in here.
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Regional Forums

Pacific Northwest Forum

Washington, Oregon
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Texas Forum

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North Eastern Forum

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Florida Forum

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South Eastern Forum

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South Western Forum

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Great Lakes Forum

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Mid West Forum

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Canada Forum

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Vendors Please consider using the following supporting vendors for your next purchase. They make this site possible, and care enough to support the community that makes all of this possible! If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

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