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one last shot..... xtant x series amps....

i have 2 models for sale... a x604 look here !!! >>>

just to give you an idea of what these go for new....

and a x1001 look here>>>

same deal these are 1600.00$$$ retail amps EACH!! THIS IS 3200$$ WORTH OF AMPS here guys..... these were on my sound board that is all never installed in a car. they have the factory plastic on them the white coating plastic that protect the polished amp covers. no scratches period!!!! these are as new. if i didnt say they were out of the box and mounted i could have said they were new and you would never have known. flawless condition.....

ok the skinny on $$$ and cents here. i want to get 350$$ each plus shipping on these. i will charge actual shipping not an inflated crazy price. they come complete with manuals and the original boxes.... my sound board is is very clean. these were in my "amp floor" they were under plexi the whole time.. no one was ever able to touch them... i have these 2 only. i dropped the xtant line only due to what they charges for these things. as im sure you have looked 1600.00$$ retail for an amp like this to some they would understand how great these are... but to most they would basically say "what are you nuts" ...... pm me with questions or for pics... they are up on a few other sound forums also so first come first served..... i hate to part with them i really want to use them but ive already glassed my whole enclosure in the trunk and used different amps... i really do not have the time to re-do it all. and besides id rather have a current line i carry to show off in there anyway for when people want to see it. i can use it to sell amps that

let me know with any questions..... oh yeah i sent these off to xtant also to be 100% inspected to make sure they tested out 100% like new... they came back as being perfect met or exceeded all specs.... this cost me 75 each to do.... just fyi i did this so i knew and had proof of them being a-ok before selling them.... this way no one can get em and use em and blow em up from improper install and say they didnt work.. again just fyi.. been down that road before never again.. later and thanks

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