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Originally Posted by Chachi
So SnobrdDan?

Would you say either 3/4 in. or 1/2 in. tweeters would be easier to install?

Just asking cuz I'm looking to replace the door speakers with some JL audio components. Cant decide which set, but they come with either of the 2 sizes tweeters I mentioned above.
What you gotta look at is how wide the tweeter assembly is when you flush mount it. JL lists how wide they are on the their website, but I don't know which exact set of components you're looking at.

The overall width of the frame of these Infinity's was 2".....which is almost the exact same width as the "mesh grille" in the tweeter panel (it's about 2 1/16"). And then with a cutout of 1 3/4".....there was still a 1/4" lip to hold it in place.

So you probably wanna make sure that they are 2" wide (the "frame") if you want it to look like how mine did. If you do with something bigger than 2" than they won't fit and will overhang. If you go with something smaller than you're gonna have a ring of the mesh around the tweeter.

Other options would be to mount the tweeter behind the grille, but would be pretty tricky unless you're comfortable (permanently) JB welding it or something like that. Someone did that on CarDomain (it's not the factory tweeter behind there since this one is red):

Or you could buy the factory tweeters (~$60 for the pair) that would snap right in, but they don't have a crossover.

Or the last option would be to use the non-AAS panel (no tweeter pod) & drill whatever size hole you need & flush mount it. That makes it a little easier & you can use whatever size tweeter you want or that comes with the components. Someone on here did it with a Kicker component set:

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