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What does your forum name mean?

I see all these real creative furum names, call signs, screen names, whatever you want to call it. Some are a bit perplexing though. I'm nosey. I want to know what some of your names mean? Mine (Cat Ion) came from my uncle who totally digs science stuff. I told him I wanted to get a customized plate for my car when I bought the RL. He suggested Cat Ion. I asked why. He said that an Ion that is positively charged is called a Cat Ion. I rejected that one for my plate because we are in Arizona Wildcat territory and I thought some would get confused and misunderstand my plate. So I decided to use it as my screen name since our Ions are positively charged. Thought it fit well there.

By the way, my plate ended up being NRJIZED as in energized. Also alluding to the positively charged Ion. I thought it fit my car better.

C'mon post up. It might have been hit up before, but some here have moved in and out.

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