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To both of you... I've said it before, and I'll say it again; it's not a hard job... anyone can do it, with enough time and patience. You just need to set some ground rules, and not let the power get to them. Sometimes, even mods need a break at times.

I'm by no means new to the whole thing... as I've stated in the past, I run enough local forums to know how to deal with people on and off line. No one is a 'bad person' because they can. You can always avoid a banning. Even the trolls that come over to flame can be reasoned with, and eventually become good members.

As far as who I'd suggest; pick someone well known and respected in the community, who is knowledgeable about RL's, LSJ's, and is familiar with forums. Lay down some ground rules, and give them some communication reading to go over. Between the respect, and communication, the mod job will be relatively easy.
Now, I don't want to volunteer someone without them agreeing to it... but GMRedline would make an excellent mod... he fits the job description perfect. Just my 2cents.

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