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Originally Posted by dazednconfused75
If there's no others in the area you may have found your best deal if you get it for 17.5. I wouldn't pay the 19.5 because desparation will get them lower closer to the end of the year which is how a lot of us got our '04s for under 17. I know my local stealership has an asload of '05s (including one red comp) with the '06s sitting in the back and will be begging to get the '05s off the lot soon. You could ask them to change the wing and take off the graphics and probably get more money off. I wouldn't worry too much about the extended warranty because you'll probably want to void it yourself anyway but the extra care thing is nice to have.

lucky you I'm going to check out the other dealership and hope for something like that, but I'm not going to keep my hopes up...
The 17.5 would be hella nice i think if it was the final price? I'm debating waiting it out and see what I can see, maybe get them to drop it down some more. From what I heard they've had that car on the lot for like a year now and it's still not sold, so with the 06's about tobe rolling out, they're going to start getting a little desperate. I'm in no rush for that reason, if I can't get them to make me a decent deal now I can always wait a month and see if they still have it. If they still have it when the actual year 2006 comes around, they're going to probably start begging I would hope.

Oh and I'm hoping to get a REAL drive of the RL in soon, today was a little better, definitely felt the potential of the car, but wasn't able to USE it, and didn't have a SINGLE good turn in the drive...
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