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snobrdrdan 09-12-2007 12:43 AM

FS: Polished 17's w/tires
I've posted this up everywhere (hhr & cobalt sites) except here...

Looking to see if anyone would be interested in a set of (4) 17" Polished Cobalt SS/NA OEM wheels & tires for trade.

205/50/17 stock Pirelli tires have more than 50% tread life left on all of them (still have the little nipples on them actually) & the wheels have some small flaws (Rim #1 is fine, Rim #2 has a tiny scratch, Rim #3 has a small mark, & Rim #4 has a tiny spot of curb rash), but NO dents...they're all straight. The center caps are included too.

(Stock Saturn caps will snap right in ;))

I'm looking to trade for a set of 5 lug steelies or aftermarket 16's w/tires + some cash.

I'm in Southeast Michigan

RIM #1 (no flaws):

RIM #2 (1.5" scratch):

RIM #3 (mark on rim--NOT a scratch):

RIM #4 (1/2" of rash on very edge of rim):



Tires on #1 & #2:

Tires on #3 & #4:

snobrdrdan 09-12-2007 05:48 PM

For sale now....

$450 for everything

ScottKilpatrick 09-12-2007 11:39 PM


snobrdrdan 09-13-2007 01:42 PM

PM'd back, even though you don't want

These look good on the RL btw ;)

ScottKilpatrick 09-13-2007 04:37 PM

If you keep the tires for your stock rims I'll seriously consider taking the cobalt rims. Any shots of them on the RL?

snobrdrdan 09-13-2007 05:32 PM

PM sent to ya

I'm gonna try & snap a pic of what they look like on the RL tomorrow ;)

snobrdrdan 09-15-2007 03:20 AM

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