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snobrdrdan 06-26-2007 10:33 PM

How To: Tibbett/Photo Antenna Mod w/Pictures
This is by far the best visual mod for FREE!

The stock antenna is in a weird location and there's no replacement antennas available that look halfway decent, but with this mod you can keep your stock antenna and get great reception still but it just won't be seen at all.

I take no credit for this mod, I just wanted to post a How To/write up for people wondering how to do it. It's very very simple and should take like 15 minutes.

Tools Needed:
T-15 Torx Bit
7mm wrench
10mm socket & ratchet
10mm wrench
Small slotted screwdriver

Optional: 7/8" Nylon Hole Plug from ACE Hardware

1. Take off the stock antenna using the 7mm wrench

2. Open the passenger door and you will see a T-15 Torx screw holding on the small black trim panel.

3. Unscrew it and then gently pull the panel towards the back of the car to remove it and put it aside. Then you'll see another T-15 Torx screw behind it and also a 10mm bolt.

4. Now you want to unscrew the 5 T-15 Torx screws on the underside that hold the top painted trim piece that goes alongside the windshield and towards the roof. Peel it back a little and then pull it forward towards the front of the car (there is a tab that slides into the rear piece). Put that piece to the side.

5. Now you want to remove the bolts that hold the fender on. There is one 10mm bolt under the cover you removed earlier.

6. Now open the hood & there are 3 10mm bolts & then one plastic body clip--use the screwdriver to pull up the pin in the middle and then pull the body of the clip out.

7. Now you can pull the fender carefully back a little and you can see the antenna mount

8. Undo both 10mm bolts holding the antenna base to the car with a wrench (a ratchet box wrench would be VERY handy here since there isn't much room to work with). Pull the base out & now you wanna flip the antenna plate over (so that it's facing outward instead of inward) and then screw the antenna back in

9. Now feed the antenna tip into the fender towards the corner lens. You can adjust it how you feel, but there's only 2 different places it can go and mine ended up going under a plastic headlight piece and is in there really tight (which is good)

10. Then you wanna put only one of the 10mm bolts back in (the top one) and then tighten it down.

11. Put the 4 bolts & body clip back in for the fender, then put the top roof trim panel piece back on, and then the little black corner piece.

12. Look at your work & enjoy!!

EDIT....An Extra Step.....
If you wanna fill in the hole left by the antenna.....

Go to ACE hardware and pickup a 7/8" Nylon Hole Plug that is in the hardware aisle....they're in the drawers of parts that you can buy individually and cost only $0.65.
Just snap it in & it mounts flush & won't go anywhere at all. It matches the cowl perfectly too to complete the clean look:

snobrdrdan 06-26-2007 10:36 PM

silversatrn 06-26-2007 10:45 PM

very nicely mod would have been 10 times easier/faster if i had this 'how to'.....awesome!...everyone should do it....looks good and easy as hell....a lot easier with this posting!!

Nukem 06-26-2007 10:46 PM

shouldn't this be made into a sticky

Thanks by the way looks easier than I thougt it would be

snobrdrdan 06-26-2007 11:02 PM

Yeah I read a post about someone complaining for instructions on how to do it, and Tibbett listed them...and then I was hooked and knew I wanted to do it right away--the stock antenna just ruins the side profile of the car.

So got up this morning and went at it, and decided to post pictures/a how to since everyone was asking about it

My write up might seem long, but I just tried to list/show EVERY detail. But it's soooooo much easier than you think.

And I still get the same radio reception too

GMRedline 06-26-2007 11:12 PM

Dam that silver car looks fast! Excellent write up.

Add this info to the thread and this is complete.


Originally Posted by Cat Ion
OK all, since I was being such a douche bag earlier I thought I'd contribute. I mentioned something earlier about what do we do with the hole when you're done. Most everyone here said don't worry about the hole. Well I'm OCD sometimes and thought the hole bothered me so I went to Ace Hardware and found a cap plug in the furniture repair aisle. Part #2703 for $.49. Here's some pics.

It has nearly the same texture as the cowl and fits perfectly. It doesn't move around in the hole at all. I like it much more. If the hole bothers you too, pick one of these up. My 49 cent contribution.

snobrdrdan 06-27-2007 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by ebristol
Dam that silver car looks fast! Excellent write up.

Well the metallic in the silver reflects the heat and doesn't aborb it like the other colors so it runs cooler & faster


And yeah I saw that you could put a cap in the hole, but I think it looks okay without it actually. But I might snag one up just to see how it looks anyways.

mrphoto103 06-27-2007 11:33 AM

nice job, well done. =)

I agree, it's SOO much better looking. And yes, it's fast becuase it's silver.

btw - most people do lose their AM reception

snobrdrdan 06-27-2007 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by mrphoto103
btw - most people do lose their AM reception

who listens to AM????

I love looking out the windshield and not seeing the antenna anymore!
100% cleaner look for the car

Black&Redline 06-27-2007 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by snobrdrdan
who listens to AM????

I love looking out the windshield and not seeing the antenna anymore!
100% cleaner look for the car

Local sports radio only

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