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Sp00ner 11-01-2005 10:19 AM

Saturn Attracting New Buyers?
Well, maybe the Saturn image is starting to turn... just a little bit...

Most of you have heard me babble about my car freak bosses... well, the saner one, is up at Starbucks last night and we got to talking. Guess what he asks me about?

"So, what's up with this new Saturn, the two seater? That's one hot looking car..."

This is the type of guy, that can, and does, but whatever he wants, price is not object. He's asking me about a Saturn? Wow... So I tell him about the Redline version, and the Solstice. Told him the engine is either a 250hp turbo, or a 200-something hp supercharged 4 cyl. He loved it. Although, he said that if it's a turbo, he'd rather buy something else. He apparently hates turbos. Something about them being the worst addition to a car he's ever heard of... :confused:

Vita 11-01-2005 11:23 AM

the SKY is going to take Saturn in a whole new direction, as long as they come through with the Aura and the ION replacement, not to mention the SKY itself...

how could you not think that car is hot, even if it's a saturn.

i was all over the solstice, until they announced they were going to use the Lightning styling for the Saturn version, which became the SKY. once i saw it, i was in love. then i saw it at the car show, and i couldn't help but decide then and there, it WILL be mine one day, it WILL be mine (RL only of course!)

i hope they follow through though, the Aura promises to be a great car as well, and if they use the 250hp turbo from the new Saab for it, that would make my day!

Tibbett 11-01-2005 04:46 PM

I'm hoping I can hurry up and get my RL paid for so when the Sky RL is released I can jump on one of those..we'll already have plenty of experience with the LSJ by then since I'm betting it'll be out for a year or a bit over before the RL version arrives.

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