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GMRedline 03-23-2011 09:51 AM

Pedder Pedders on a Redline
I see this topic get brought up all the time so I would like to make a sticky of it. Here is all the information that I have found about it. Please feel free to add this this thread with anything else you guys think might be useful.


Originally Posted by aikidoshadow (Post 979680)
Pedders (Cobalt Spring) Everything from CED and Qwik
I bought every piece new. It ran $900
Qwik makes you the spacers

Parts listing Cobalt

Parts listing ION Front

Parts listing ION Rear
A SUSPENSION/REAR;. Fits: Saturn Ion | Nalley Buick GMC Brunswick

Illustration Front

#1 (ION or cobalt) Shield 21992520
#2 (cobalt) Insulator 22716383
#3 (ION or cobalt) FE5 is cobalt naturally
#4(ION or cobalt) Bumper ION-22712118 Cobalt-22716381
#5 Pedder/Cobalt Spring
#6 (Cobalt) Insulator 22687776
#7 (Cobalt) Seat 22716379
#8 (ION or cobalt) Bearing ION-22687774 Cobalt-22712116 The new cobalt one stays in place easier, the ION was is cheaper. On each side of the bearing you would put one spacer from Qwik.
#9 (ION) 22687780 22687780
#10 (Cobalt) Nut 22716359

Illustration Rear

The rears are the same install as ION springs. Make sure that the rears look like a beehive or they are upside down.
You might have to lube up the bottom post and #10 to push it into the spring, but the car's weight took care of it for me.


Originally Posted by Shabodah (Post 925062)
When taking apart assembled struts, you have:

(adapter spacer)
Strut Mount

The struts are completely compatible between the Cobalt and Ion

The bottom of both springs are the same, where they attach to the strut.

The top of the cobalt spring taper and are narrower than the Ion spring, requiring a cobalt hat to be used.

The Powell adapter spacer is very small, and allows the cobalt hat to be used with the Ion Strut mount, because the hat and mount need to be able to rotate independent of one another for the car to turn.

The Ion and Cobalt strut mounts are COMPLETELY different. The cobalt uses a standard 3 bolt mount, which allows it to be shorter and really is a better design, but the Ion uses a single bolt mount, making it taller and generally silly in design.

So, to do TC struts, you don't need any adapters or cobalt parts.

To do ANY cobalt spring on an Ion, you need a cobalt hat and Powell's spacer or a similiar fabricated spacer. I will not give out the dimensions of the needed spacer, so please don't PM me for that.

mantiskungfu 03-23-2011 10:15 AM

if you have high millage on your existing struts I highly suggest buying new strut mounts as well, this goes for any springs you will buy... When I did mine, those tiny bolts that hold it together were rusted threw, and basically snapped with the lightest of preasure...

and just so every one knows here is a pic of the hats you will need... with the spacers...

GMRedline 03-23-2011 10:59 AM

Info via Flatgod.


Originally Posted by flatgod (Post 845844)
So first start by removing stock front struts.
Disassemble them. You'll need a E8 torx socket to take the spring perch apart then there is a 21mm nut holding it to the strut.
Now take the new TC strut and put the plastic spring seat from your old strut in it.
I got the spring compressors free off charge from my local Parts source, just had to pay a deposit that was reimbursed upon return so that was sweet. Slide the old dust shield on.
There is a spacer in the bottom of the spring perch, in order to keep this in place you need to use the stock locknut that was on the original RL struts as the one for the new TC struts is to long. If you don't you'll end up doing it twice like me LOL.
Now take the spring hat from Cobalt front suspension with magic 0TTP shim in place, place plastic strut bearing on top and then RL spring perch on top of that.
Install the top bolt onto the strut and release the spring compressors being mindful of the positioning of the plastic bearing as you don't want to have it out of place and crush it. Also be sure that the tab (green mark) on the spring hat is facing the inside of the car upon assembly.
SS/TC Struts with Pedders
Then just bolt the RL strut cap back on and torque the E8 bolts to 124 inlbs. Mount the assembly back in place and TA-DAH, Pedders on a Redline. 81 ftlbs for the top strut bolt and 89ftlbs for the strut to steering knuckle.

Shabodah 03-23-2011 11:04 AM

Eric, where did all these "L's" come from?

GMRedline 03-23-2011 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by Shabodah (Post 938376)
Eric, where did all these "L's" come from?

I don't know what you are talking about... :)


golden chicken 03-23-2011 12:16 PM

ok, from helping mantiskungfu with his pedders/ss/tc swap, you want/need/should get (from top to bottom) :

new saturn ion redline strut mounts
0ttp spacer (glue it to the bottom of the strut mount to aid assembly)
strut mount bearing (comes with mounts)
0ttp spacer
cobalt tc top spring perch
pedders spring
cobalt tc strut
new end links of your choice

you don't neccessarily NEED the end links or new strut mount, but if the little screws holding the strut mount together snap, you're stuck. if you can't undo the nut on the sway link(common), you're stuck. so, you might as well be prepared.

we also discovered that the spring coils hit each other near the top, causing a clunk in the front. a little bit of rubber hose helped.

you'll also want to lube the rubber spring isolator on the cobalt perch to allow the pedders spring to settle evenly.

that lube will also help with getting the rear springs onto the bump stops.

04_IRL 03-23-2011 12:33 PM

Ok I am clear on what I need now. But I could not find the stuff on powell. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Thanks gmredline !

golden chicken 03-23-2011 12:46 PM

you'll probably have to call them.

GMRedline 03-23-2011 01:38 PM

You could try PM'm him on this forum.

I am not sure how much he comes around anymore. But his 1 year ban was lifted a couple of months ago.

Shabodah 03-23-2011 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by GMRedline (Post 938392)
You could try PM'm him on this forum.

I am not sure how much he comes around anymore. But his 1 year ban was lifted a couple of months ago.

John is very active on

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