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  1. Proud new owner of a '04 Redline!

    ION Redline Discussion
    Just signed the paperwork on this beauty. Very excited! Excellent condition inside and out, and only 83k miles.
  2. ISO a few 04 sedan parts

    Buy/Sell Parts
    I'm new to this forum and looking to see if anyone has any parts ive been searching for. I need a front bumper preferably with fogs also a rear driver side qtr panel and the downpipe/cat/flex part im hoping someone has laying around still. The exhaust is what im mainly looking for my flex pipe...
  3. Stock 04 Ion redline for sale

    Buy/Sell Cars
    Hey everyone I have a stock 2004 Ion redline with 129k on it, replaced the clutch when I got it around 100k and honestly I just don't have the time/money for the car. The car does have some problems: No A/C, believe its the compressor. Sunroof...
  4. Car shuts off intermitently - seems electrical

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hello, I recently purchased an 04 RL (31K Miles @ purchase), and have since had a problem I can't seem to fix... I've searched, and found nothing similar to my problem, so here goes: The problem SEEMED to come out of no where (no work done to car right before problems), and has rapidly gotten...
  5. PWR STR message 2004 Saturn Ion Level 3, 2.2L

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hi Everyone, I'm facing problem with the power steering system in my 2004 Saturn Ion Level 3, 2.2 L (Salvaged). I originally got this problem more than an year ago when I got the PWR STR message on the dash. I then replaced the fuse in the fuse box that's located near the engine. The problem...