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  1. HELP: Aftermarket Deck Installation/Factory AMP Bypass?

    Audio / Visual
    Time to upgrade! I have a Kenwood aftermarket deck that I want to install. I have the wiring harness, plugged her in and fired it up but no sound! Realized that hey, I have a factory amp that is in my way. What do I do? I heard that my deck doesn't send the right signal to the amp to activate...
  2. Stage Kit Questions

    Performance Modifications
    I have done a bit of research but still have quite a few unanswered question or questions that haven't been fully confirmed. I have completely stock Redline, that i have recently obtained and was looking into the stage kits, not sure which to get and what pulley/injectors etc was hoping you guys...
  3. Buying Redline spoiler through "Car Id"

    Visual Modifications
    has anyone used CariD before? im looking at buying a new redline high rise spoiler and car id is the cheapest ive found. here is the website for the spoiler JKS® - OEM Factory Style - Non-Lit Rear Spoiler - 2DR - 2005 Saturn Ion Spoiler
  4. A/C Delete revisited- aftermarket belt?

    General Discussion
    2004 Redline Stock Sadly she has seen better days, the front hood is scarred due to a trailer hitch, cracked front skirt, 5th gear synchro is gone so all I have is fourth gear and below and now the A/C compressor is making the dreaded whine and it is barely spinning, need it to run a little...
  5. Stage 1 and 2 Calibrations

    Performance Modifications
    Ok, I'm having trouble understanding, I understand that a stage 1 and a stage 2 calibration are going to be diffrent, but what I don't understand is if they actually send something with the stage 1 and 2 kits that tells the dealership what to calibrate the engine to or if they just kind of know...