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  1. Audio / Visual
    First post! Anyways I'll get to it, I recently installed a new double din raidio. And you guessed it... Have power but no sound. I can't find any solid info on how to get sound. I have AAS with OnStar, however OnStar is not active. Also there is no subwoofer or tweeters either? I've read you can...
  2. Audio / Visual
    Time to upgrade! I have a Kenwood aftermarket deck that I want to install. I have the wiring harness, plugged her in and fired it up but no sound! Realized that hey, I have a factory amp that is in my way. What do I do? I heard that my deck doesn't send the right signal to the amp to activate...
  3. Audio / Visual
    I searched around and couldn't find a pinout for the '06 AAS amp mounted in the trunk. Anyone have it? I read somewhere on here that the head unit (I have the 6-disc XM) sends speaker level and not line level to the amp-is that correct? Seems kind of clumsy. Thanks!
  4. Audio / Visual
    I'm trying to install a JL audio sub conncected to a 250w amp. I have the aas audio system stock in my redline, aside from an aftermarket head unit. All the wires seem to be hooked up correcty. The power is being drawn from the battery in the trunk and i have it grounded on a bolt the holds the...
1-4 of 4 Results