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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys just picked up an 07 IRL, been following the forums for about two months while looking for a car, and deciding what to look for. Picked up a pretty clean 07. High miles, but one owner car, all highway. Pretty decent shape considering some I've seen. It's the "rare" deep blue. (what IRL...
  2. ION Picture/Media Post
    xxr 006 rims, 18" megan racing springs:alfdance:
  3. Visual Modifications
    ok so i have been seeing all these blue hid's around. i want em so ive been looking around and i found some hid's at you can get either the normal sized ballast or the thin there really a difference im thinkin about getting the 10k lights. are they really that blue or are...
  4. Blue LED Gague lights

    What's there to say?
1-4 of 4 Results