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  1. Newbie says hi- 07 IRL deep blue-addressing issues

    General Discussion
    Hey guys just picked up an 07 IRL, been following the forums for about two months while looking for a car, and deciding what to look for. Picked up a pretty clean 07. High miles, but one owner car, all highway. Pretty decent shape considering some I've seen. It's the "rare" deep blue. (what IRL...
  2. New Rims and Suspension

    ION Picture/Media Post
    xxr 006 rims, 18" megan racing springs:alfdance:
  3. HID's, need some help

    Visual Modifications
    ok so i have been seeing all these blue hid's around. i want em so ive been looking around and i found some hid's at you can get either the normal sized ballast or the thin there really a difference im thinkin about getting the 10k lights. are they really that blue or are...
  4. Blue LED Gague lights

    Blue LED Gague lights

    What's there to say?