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  1. gauges

    General Discussion
    Hi, trying to get a boost gauge for my 2005 Saturn ion redline. Anyone know where I can find them for a decent price? thanks
  2. boost problem please help!!!

    General Discussion
    ok, so its been about a month now and i have a 2.9 pulley, stage 2 belt, 42lb injectors, stage 3 pcm, heat exchanger, magnaflow exhaust and cai. and i am boosting around 13psi on the street just on a side street, and im doing about 15psi on the highway in higher rpms. i know 2.9 pulley should do...
  3. Heat Exhanger ??

    General Discussion
    Ok so far my car has a 2.9 pulley, 42 lb injectors, stock belt, and an exhaust...Im thinking about ordering a zzp stage 1 heat exhanger, will that increase boost at all ? Im on like 10-13 lbs right now depending on the day. Also my computer says series 3, im guessing its a stage 3..Im aloud to...
  4. problem( rpms slows down when close to redline or when making high boost)

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    ( the 02 sensor is bugging out so i am going to replace it but it shouldent affect it since at wot the car should use the stock fuel patterns and not the 02 sensor at all right?) this has never happend before when i driven this car. i am having a problem when i am almost at redline it will act...