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  1. Tuning & Electronics
    Hey guys so i am looking at getting a 2.8 pulley with 80lb injectors running it on gas till spring when the e85 blend comes back and switching it to e85. So is there anyone that has hptuners that still does it around Chicago or Wisconsin area? I'm north of Chicago by Mchenry, IL
  2. General Discussion
    My local E85 stations were sold and the new buyer is not longer offering E85 as a fueling option. To add insult to injury, they are selling 91 octane as their "Premium" fuel. What a joke! I hope they burn in hell because no one is going to buy 91 octane when 93 octane is so abundant in my...
  3. Kills Section
    My First kill video...I hope I made it worth while. GMRedline v SS_carnatic ION Redline Custom Tube Inc Exhaust Siemens 80# Fuel Injectors E85 M62 w/ Ported outlet/Polished inlet 2.6" Pulley HPTuners Custom Tune Innovative Motorsports Wideband Sensor Limited Slip Differential Exedy Hyper...
  4. Tuning & Electronics
    So, there has been some talk about getting some of the tuning suppliers to unlock the Stage 3 PCM for tuning. While there are companies working on the project... it's a very low priority, with low interest. Because I have a friend with a vast amount of software engineering know-how, I brought...
1-4 of 4 Results