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  1. Exhaust Header Install help

    Performance Modifications
    Hey everyone, First time replacing my headers with aftermarket and I just had a couple questions if anyone wouldnt mind helping me. Been getting in to higher performance parts for my car and I bought a Hanes guide just for it. When reading the section on how to remove and install it talks...
  2. For sale Pacific Blue 05 Ion Redline Clean Title

    Buy/Sell Cars
    I love the car, due the financial burden of a move it must go. I will still be part of the ion family though. I have an 03 quad coupe to get around in. I love the brand and this car get recognition where ever it goes. Thank you family, call or txt or message. If a girl answers the phone just ask...
  3. WTB Cat back

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Im from North of toronto, ontario. looking for a stock cat back form a 2.4 or 2.0/sc. Pm me if you have one for sale thanks Paul
  4. WTB Single Gauge Pod. (pillar or steering wheel)

    Buy/Sell Parts
    I am looking to buy a single gauge pod for the A-Pillar or the steering wheel, just installed a 3.0" pulley and still no boost gauge so I would like to know what I am pushing out. I am also in the market for a cold air intake system, any brand really except for the AEM short ram, I would like a...
  5. NOOB Qs

    Performance Modifications
    hi i am fairly new to the IRL scene. i just purchased an 05 IRL. it has ZZP mods and tune. from what the owner tells me it has 60# inj, 3.0 and 2.8 pulley, heat exchanger and a full exhaust(w/cat delete). he put the 3.0 pulley on for the winter but i think its tuned for the 2.8 normally. my Qs...
  6. Finally going through with exhaust!

    Performance Modifications
    Hello everyone! I'm finally gonna do my exhaust. I have been thinking about getting it from But first I have questions. (I live in SoCal, where it is super sunny and there is very little rain, so I am going with Aluminized instead of stainless. 1. 2.5 or 3 inch...
  7. performance mod-tune

    Performance Modifications
    i was just wondering if you guys could help me get an idea of what i could do to my car to change the motor a little but not have to do a tune........also wat would be a good exhaust system for the car and how hard is it to install
  8. car smoking...........

    General Discussion
    so my car smokes out of the exhaust only when you floor it, like really get on it from a dig and its not the tires just smoking bcuz i saw it come out of the exhaust when my friend drove it. i could not really tell if it was blue smoke or white smoke... when i drive it normal or get on it from a...
  9. GMPP Extrude Honed Performance Header

    Buy/Sell Parts
    :bananahumBest Way to contact me is email : [email protected] or PM Up for sale a GMPP high performance header, i bought another header and wont be using this one anymore, It's in pretty good condition. Comes with bolts and gasket. THIS IS THE ONLY HEADER THAT WONT VOID THE WARRANTY...
  10. Complete LSJ Engine Part Out & Some Other Parts

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Yes I know I'm New On Here, But I'm On Different Forum Related To The Cobalts With The Same User Name As Well. So Feel Free To PM Or Post :) My Email Is [email protected] Also Got A Brand New Complete LNF Turbo SS Head Assembley " 650 $ Shipped" Pics Will Be Taken Promptly, If Your Local...
  11. A couple quick questions.

    ION Redline Discussion
    04 Ion Redline. 68,xxx miles. Interested in bypassing the factory passlock system. All I need to know is what version of passlock do our cars have? Is it Passlock II or Passlock III. I tried calling my local saturn dealership but they didn't have the answer. I already have an aftermarket...
  12. *Ultimate Exhaust Sound Clip Thread*

    Performance Modifications
    Hey what's up guys I searched around the forums to see if I found something similar to this, and well I found some individual threads that have sound clips in them but nothing organized. This is going to be a useful thread for newer people like myself who can't decide on what system/set-up to...
  13. FS:WA Stock 6 Disk CD Changer, 17" Comp Wheels, Stock Exhaust, Dell Laptop!

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Hey guys I just picked up a 06 RL and I just can't have it stock anymore so I'm selling a few things. The starting price I got from searching previous sales on here and cobalt ss forums. 1. Stock 6 Disk CD Changer, Great Condition, Works Awesome $100 2. 17" Comp Wheels - Tires (90% tread...
  14. Bumper insert

    Bumper insert

    Reflective blue