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  1. help!!! many issues showing at once

    Tuning & Electronics
    new plugs,coils, fresh injecter/fuel line cleaning gaps should be right coils and plugs have like 300 miles the car thinks the battery is low but I'm pretty sure that it is fine, this will be on a start up a few minutes after a say 15 min drive throwing a P06??, and P05?? code don't know the...
  2. 04 retrofitting questions

    General Discussion
    does anyone have experience with retrofitting our car? specifically an 04. i have everything and all the parts but i can't quite get it to work in the car. They work when i test them inside, which makes no sense. I have the 9007 relay and new ballast/bulbs so i'm not too sure. if anyone has any...
  3. Headlight Grounds

    General Discussion
    Hey all, I'm new here and posted this in Tuning & Electrical but am not sure if that's where it belongs; so I hope you all don't mind that I posted it here, if so let me know and I'll take one down. My headlights have stopped working. Let me explain the issue a bit. My signals work fine when...
  4. Headlight grounding

    Tuning & Electronics
    Hey guys I have a bit of an issue. My headlights have stopped working. Let me explain the issue a bit. My signals work fine when the ambient light sensor knows that its light outside and does not need the headlights; once the headlights need to be on(either because the light sensor or the...
  5. HID Headlight Help

    Visual Modifications
    I have a 04 redline and I tried installing my HIDs. There is a red and a black wire coming from the balast, and a black and brown wire coming from the light itself. The connector only has 3 slots for wires, a left middle and right. I put the red and brown in the left one, the black from the...
  6. Headlights

    Visual Modifications
    I'm looking to upgrade my stock headlights to a bi-xenon set. Where would be a good place to buy them? I've researched a little on my own but there are so many options at so many different prices, I just wanna get a little outside input before I blow my money on something illegitimate.
  7. Help! LED turn signal bulbs

    Visual Modifications
    I need some help, I want to put some white LED turn signal bulbs in and I am having some problems I've never had before. :silly: I got some bulbs off ebay sive 3157 and stuck them in. they looked awesome, I went for a drive and my turn signal was twitching fast(like when your turn signal goes...
  8. Custom headlights/ Corners?

    General Discussion
    Hi, Im new to this forum although I have owned my 07' Redline for a little over a year. I have been looking on here and finding some very usefull tips. I am trying to figure out what to do with my headlights/corners. I am going for a black/red theme with my car and am trying to do a clean, sleek...