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  1. Visual Modifications
    so I bottomed out my intercooler on my 2004 saturn ion redline. it still seems to be functioning but I plan to replace it with a new one once I resolve the issue. when It hit the driveway it bend back and broke my radiator which I had to replace it hangs down too low I'm planning to buy the...
  2. Buy/Sell Parts
    I have a low mile 04 cobra heat exchanger came off my buddies 20k mile 04 cobra. Located in Brea ca 92821. 100 plus shipping. 7147933141 text for pics Jimmy.
  3. ION Redline Discussion
    Let me get started by saying I hate those effin hose clamps GM put on the intercooling system. After a long night the other day and a little bit of fun getting that "elusive 8th bolt" out of the intake manifold and scratching my hands all up I have the Dual Pass endplate and ZZP H/E installed...
  4. General Discussion
    Earlier this week I recieved my ZZP S3 Heat Exchanger and Dual-Pass Intercooler Kit. Haven't had time to put in on yet, still have to drive several miles a day and don't wanna have to rush a job where I have to take the whole intake manifold off. I will definitely update with some pics of before...
  5. General Discussion
    ok, so its been about a month now and i have a 2.9 pulley, stage 2 belt, 42lb injectors, stage 3 pcm, heat exchanger, magnaflow exhaust and cai. and i am boosting around 13psi on the street just on a side street, and im doing about 15psi on the highway in higher rpms. i know 2.9 pulley should do...
  6. General Discussion
    Ok so far my car has a 2.9 pulley, 42 lb injectors, stock belt, and an exhaust...Im thinking about ordering a zzp stage 1 heat exhanger, will that increase boost at all ? Im on like 10-13 lbs right now depending on the day. Also my computer says series 3, im guessing its a stage 3..Im aloud to...
1-6 of 6 Results