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  1. Buy/Sell Parts
    hi i have a 2004 silver ion red line , im looking for a hood, driver fender, rad support, lights, light mounting bracket, air bags , set belts, crash sensors,, im in new york if anyone has anything let me know thanks
  2. General Discussion
    Okay I need help. Xcelerated concepts won't ship to Hawaii. I want a hood and trunk but im stuck on how to go about it. I'm an idiot with shipping methods, so go easy on me. I'm just an add to cart and ship to myyy address kind of guy. thanks
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, I am wondering where I can find a good hood scoop for my 2007 red line. I found this one, anyone know if it is any good? I would like a functional hood scoop prefeably carbon fiber. RK Sport 28011000-CF Saturn Ion Redline & Quad Coupe RamAir Hood W/Carbon Fiber Center Blister Any...
1-3 of 3 Results