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  1. 2006 Saturn Electrical Problem � won�t crank; Any Ideas?

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    2006 Saturn Electrical Problem – won’t crank; Any Ideas? 2006 Saturn Electrical Problem – won’t crank (bought used, great condition, last summer at 190,000+ miles) Monday – Took short, mid-day drive to store and back in 75-degree SoCal weather. After parking in driveway and turning off the...
  2. 2006 Ion electrical problems, won't start

    ION Redline Discussion
    Hi, Yesterday, I had some trouble turning off my car; I was able to turn off the engine, but I couldn't turn the key past the "Accessory" position (I was able to remove my key, though). I waited a few minutes (like 3-5), heard a click, and then I was able to turn my key to the "Lock" position...