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  1. damaged my intercooler looking for a solution

    Visual Modifications
    so I bottomed out my intercooler on my 2004 saturn ion redline. it still seems to be functioning but I plan to replace it with a new one once I resolve the issue. when It hit the driveway it bend back and broke my radiator which I had to replace it hangs down too low I'm planning to buy the...
  2. Cant wait for winter break from college!

    General Discussion
    Earlier this week I recieved my ZZP S3 Heat Exchanger and Dual-Pass Intercooler Kit. Haven't had time to put in on yet, still have to drive several miles a day and don't wanna have to rush a job where I have to take the whole intake manifold off. I will definitely update with some pics of before...
  3. Intercooler Pump

    Performance Modifications
    I was wondering if there is any upgraded option for our intercooler pumps. I upgraded the HE and want some thing that will flow better. will this work? I know it's not the same part, but it has a higher volumetric flow rate of 1400 (compared to 1200) at the same PSI. BOSCH Electric Motors...
  4. looking 4 dual pass intercooler plate

    Buy/Sell Parts
    im looking for a dual pass intercooler plate if anyone has one lying around somewere thanks
  5. cooling system parts and jobs questions.

    General Discussion
    this is my first supercharged car. I have been reading a bunch of threads and havent found anything describing the cooling system..i am just wondering about how the whole system works with the intercooler/heat exchanger,h/e pump and endplate thing in the mix now. also is the coolant for the...
  6. Rebuild a broken Intercooler Pump

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Taken from CSS. Original Thread. how to Rebuild IC pump - Cobalt SS Network Its known that the Ic Pump fails on the Cobalt SS and Ion redline. As well as the svt lightning and svt cobra uses the same pump and has the same problem. In the past the only fis was the Hammer fix, or replacing it...
  7. Stage 3 parts

    Performance Modifications
    I was looking at getting the dual bypass endplate and smaller pully that comes with the stage III upgrade kit...has anyone installed the dual bypass endplate for the intercooler? did you really notice a difference? How hard was it to install?
  8. 2004 Redline

    2004 Redline

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