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  1. General Discussion
    Working on a 2007 Saturn Ion Sedan 2.2L Ecotec with 190,000kms(roughly 118,000 miles), car starts fine shortly after it starts within 40-50 seconds when cold but if restarted when car was just running it starts 10-15 seconds after the RPM settle it starts to chug and try to die but only at idle...
  2. Buy/Sell Parts
    Will ship. Willing to negotiate have All four seats in good condition
    $300 USD
  3. Problems & Troubleshooting
    My clutch pedal engages very low, would this be a slave, master, or clutch issue? My fluid is not low.
  4. Buy/Sell Parts
    Looking to find the upper steering column cover with the gauge pod hole for the Ion.. anyone have one? Or know where I can find one.. nothing on eBay at all...
  5. ION Redline Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have an 04 ion coupe 2 automatic that I'm getting bored with. Its just about how i want it to look now I'm looking for performance (keeping it sleeper). Anyone know a rough estimate of how much to do a complete redline swap stage 2. Want: Engine, supercharger, transmission, all...
  6. ION Redline Discussion
    Just signed the paperwork on this beauty. Very excited! Excellent condition inside and out, and only 83k miles.
  7. General Discussion
    i just recently got a 2006 saturn ion, not a redline, i would like to put a more powerful engine in it. i need help knowing what engine to get and just any other help or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated maybe its better to keep the engine and just add more power? all help and...
  8. Buy/Sell Cars
    The Dmv gave me a junk title on my ion so it can not be tagged again. I am looking for a body that has a salvaged title.
  9. Buy/Sell Cars
    Supercharged 108kmi Good: New brakes new rotors new paint No mods HID headlights and LED turn signals ignition recall WAS done New clutch pedal The bad: Needs headliner This car has a REBUILT title $4500 Location: New York Call or Text (preferably text, will get a quicker response) 518-951-4233
  10. Buy/Sell Parts
    I'm new to this forum and looking to see if anyone has any parts ive been searching for. I need a front bumper preferably with fogs also a rear driver side qtr panel and the downpipe/cat/flex part im hoping someone has laying around still. The exhaust is what im mainly looking for my flex pipe...
  11. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  12. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  13. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  14. General Discussion
    ok so im new to the ion, only had it for a year now. since then some things have come up. i have a 07 redline and heres my first problem. when i come up to a stop and i slow down, the rpms go all the way down to about 200 and jump up to 1k, itll do this alot too, like 4 to 5 times before it...
  15. Performance Modifications
    Hello all! I'm new to the modding game for saturns, and I have a 2000 Saturn LS1. 2.2L 4 cylinder ecotec. An older version of the 2.2 in the ION and the Chevy Cobalt. So does anyone know if there are any universal parts I can use for my LS that are actually meant for an ION or cobalt? I've...
  16. Buy/Sell Parts
    I have a regular ion, but the thing is it has that stupid console arm rest that I hit every time i shift. i guess i have long arms or something does anyone have the little storage bin console from a redline? without the sliding arm rest. and/or know where i could get one from? most parts...
  17. Buy/Sell Cars
    2006 Fully Loaded Saturn ion Redline, SuperCharged 4 cylinder, manual, newer clutch, always maintained, adult owned, 77k miles. $8700 obo motivated to make an offer. 541-944-933zera Located in Southern Oregon.
  18. Buy/Sell Parts
    very interested in high rise spoiler. red is preferred but i will take any color i can find for the right price
  19. ION Redline Discussion
    Hi, Yesterday, I had some trouble turning off my car; I was able to turn off the engine, but I couldn't turn the key past the "Accessory" position (I was able to remove my key, though). I waited a few minutes (like 3-5), heard a click, and then I was able to turn my key to the "Lock" position...
1-20 of 39 Results