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limp mode

  1. Help with a P0651 5volt #2 2004 redline

    General Discussion
    So I have the code P0651 5volt #2 I am wondering if anyone else has had to address this issue and if so what was their fix. Also, what should I check with a multimeter to determine what has the less than 5volts or a short going to it? Right now the vehicle is in limp mode it started off as the...
  2. Limp mode extreme!

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and I have a 2004 ion RL. For now small mods of ZZP 3" cold air intake and 2.5" cat back with magnaflow muffler. The car has roughly 130,000 miles and I'm running into a big issue. Doesn't matter if I'm in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd if I punch the gas the car starts to...
  3. Limp Mode- Code P2138

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    My 06 Ion Redline keeps going into limp mode. Everything works fine for a few weeks after I clear the codes. Someone posted this and my Julian date is in the range. So Im guessing its a bad pcm right? I contacted a gm dealer near me and they told me there isn't a problem with my car..... and...
  4. Sulfur smell and power loss after Cat replacement

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    2005 Saturn Ion-3 2.2L 97,500 miles I have been the only owner, save for the 5,000 miles the dealership put on it. Short summary of car issue: It stalls when I stop (loudly), idles extremely roughly (did not happen before), is in limp mode most of the time, gets 15 MPG (which has been an issue...