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  1. Tuning & Electronics
    SITUATION: I am supercharging my 2007 2.2L Saturn Ion. I have all of the parts needed (LSJ manifold, idler & tensioner pulley, m62 blower, I/C pump, coolant lines, heat exchanger w. bracket, MAF Extension, Throttle Body 6 pin to 8 pin, 60# injectors, all bolts... etc.) Tune will be done through...
  2. Problems & Troubleshooting
    I recently added a new K&N intake to my Ion and now the stock MAF sensor parts won't reattach properly and come loose causing my check engine light to come on. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice would be fantastic.
  3. Problems & Troubleshooting
    I bought this car with a CEL in the beginning of November. When I picked it up the dealer said they fixed the light. So with it "fixed" I installed a boost gauge. after a few days I got P0171 system too lean bank 1. The dealer wont touch it because "boost gauge caused this new light"...
  4. Tuning & Electronics
    Background: Hi, I'm Bliss, I'm new to the forums and I just bought this car. It's an '04 Saturn Ion with turbo kit. I live in Easton, PA and I bought it from a local car dealership. I am a service writer at a Auto repair shop and one of my mechanic's told me that his brother, who works at this...
1-4 of 4 Results