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  1. Tuning & Electronics
    new plugs,coils, fresh injecter/fuel line cleaning gaps should be right coils and plugs have like 300 miles the car thinks the battery is low but I'm pretty sure that it is fine, this will be on a start up a few minutes after a say 15 min drive throwing a P06??, and P05?? code don't know the...
  2. Problems & Troubleshooting
    So my 2004 ion redline is throwing a fuel system too rich code at me as well as just recently a cylinder 4 misfire. I have found it misfires under heavy throttle and usually at high rpms. I had the coils switched but i do not think that has done anything. I have spent way to much as is fixing...
  3. Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hello there guys, I have visited these forums a few times since ownin my Redline but havnt had to post yet, But sadly today is the day I must discuss a odd series of problems. to start, I was driving in town running errands to get ready for a fishing trip in the mountains, a check engine light...
1-3 of 3 Results