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  1. Buy/Sell Parts
    We have solid mounts for sale. The entire kit as pictured on BWoody's website, plus a sway bar link I believe. They are electric blue in color. They were on a car that had 49k on it when we bought it. We took them out right away. Don't know how long the mounts were on the car prior to that. $175...
  2. Buy/Sell Parts
    Bought my 06 Redline used. Came with solid motor mounts--too much vibration for me. Looking for some factory ones to put in. Thanks.
  3. ION Redline Discussion
    Anyone know where I can get a set of rubber radiator supports?
  4. Performance Modifications
    when i start working on my car i wanna put in #80 injectors, 2.7 pulley, intake and some other stuff, i have everything planned out and pricing for them i just have no idea what i need for motor/transaxle mounts, do i need new mounts? if so what mounts are best? and how much do they cost?
1-4 of 4 Results