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    Hi Everyone, I just thought I would introduce myself as I have (about two months) bought myself a 06 RL and have found this forum to be extremely useful and informative. A little about myself... I am 35 yrs old and have a 13 yr old daughter. I have been a computer technician and web...
  2. New Member old Owner

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    Wel, Well Well...I am so pleased to have found this fine group of fellow ION Redline owners and enthusiasts... I purchased mine new from the show room floor in 2005 and just hit over 100K a couple weeks ago. I am getting ready to replace the clutch and was wondering if anybody had thoughts if I...
  3. new member

    General Discussion
    hey guys, im a new member to the website. i got a 04 redline back in july all stock besides some paint on the hood and HID's. im looking to order lowering springs next week and was wondering what you guys recommend. i've had lowered civic's before and the rear end always sagged in both( annoyed...
  4. Performance Mods For New Members

    Performance Modifications
    Hello fellow Redline owners. If you are unsure about modding this car, I have made a list for you to follow. Here's our hptuners location thread. ~~-Engine mods-~~ This car in stock form is maxing out the stock...