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  1. Oil Leak

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Can anyone tell from this video what might be the best bet to look at for the source of the leak? It looks like it is coming out somewhere below the oil filter but I cannot see well enough to get to the source. At least it is not the oil pan - but I don't know if that is actually a good thing...
  2. Leaking oil

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    For the past 4-6 weeks I have been adding a quart of oil every week or two now to my 04 Redline. I put a large piece of poster board under it after I got home from work the other day and a few hours later there were significant drips all around where I presume the oil pan is. I read recently...
  3. Heavy Oil Leak, Rear Main Seal?

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    I'm having some trouble diagnosing the cause of my oil leak. 162k, so the problems are bound to start sometime, but over the last few years the car has been leaking oil, nothing too serious until about the last year or so. Its pooling around the filter cap and only really leaks when i drive the...
  4. Damaged my Oil Pan?

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    I have a 2.2L engine and i'm having trouble finding anything about replacing my oil pan. I dinged it pretty bad and am leaking oil. What tools do I need and how would I go about removing it? Thank you!
  5. Oil filter relocation/oil cooler

    Performance Modifications
    Just wantedto bring this to everyones attention CBM MOTORSPORTS ECOTEC STYLE BILLET REMOTE OIL COOLER ADAPTER What kind of oil filter would you run? Where would you mount the oil cooler? How big of an oil filter would you run? And where would you put the filter? I was thinking of mounting...
  6. car smoking...........

    General Discussion
    so my car smokes out of the exhaust only when you floor it, like really get on it from a dig and its not the tires just smoking bcuz i saw it come out of the exhaust when my friend drove it. i could not really tell if it was blue smoke or white smoke... when i drive it normal or get on it from a...
  7. oil pressure switch removal process

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hi, I'm trying to remove my oil pressure switch so I can install an aftermarket sender for a pressure gauge I have installed. The switch is the one located near the filter and oil cooler, and is a model BWD S4156. Problem is that I've found trying to remove the stock switch is in a very...