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  1. help!!! many issues showing at once

    Tuning & Electronics
    new plugs,coils, fresh injecter/fuel line cleaning gaps should be right coils and plugs have like 300 miles the car thinks the battery is low but I'm pretty sure that it is fine, this will be on a start up a few minutes after a say 15 min drive throwing a P06??, and P05?? code don't know the...
  2. unable to do a crankshaft position variation relearn

    Tuning & Electronics
    Hello! I have an ion redline and i recently ordered a zzp stage 2 for it along with their flashed pcm. today my friend from a chevy dealer installed it for me, after install he got a CEL with a crankshaft position variation code, he tried doing a relearn procedure with a tech 2, however every...
  3. Limp Mode- Code P2138

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    My 06 Ion Redline keeps going into limp mode. Everything works fine for a few weeks after I clear the codes. Someone posted this and my Julian date is in the range. So Im guessing its a bad pcm right? I contacted a gm dealer near me and they told me there isn't a problem with my car..... and...
  4. A lot of part for sales !

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Hi Im Michael and I have a lot of extra parts for sale, You can make me an offer for everything or separate parts. 1X Eaton m62 supercharger with 71 000km on it. Works very good, no noise, make good boost , new oil. There is the stock pulley on it! ( possibility to get it polished for extra $ )...
  5. Parts F/S, M62, Injectors/Harness, LSJ PCM, etc.

    Buy/Sell Parts
    ALL SOLDWell I'm trying to get some cash together to finish some things I started with my car, so here goes the list of spare parts I have. ALL Prices are Eaton M62 Supercharger with stock pulley comes with new supercharger oil still in bottle - $220 The threads in the driveshaft to change...