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  1. Buy/Sell Parts
    If anyone has the Dark metallic blue redline front,rear bumpers and side skirts please reply or shoot me a message, got into a 3 car pile up and jus so happened to be in the middle. Thank you!:bananahum
  2. Performance Modifications
    Don't know if this is a re-post or not on here. But saw this on the short
  3. Buy/Sell Parts
    i have a brand new set of kyb gr -2 selling for 60 for the set plus shipping. for shipping cost here is my zip 95125 rear kyb gr 2 part number 343308 brand new in box paypal is ok
  4. Problems & Troubleshooting
    For the past couple months, by rear deck has been vibrating pretty noticabley. I'm talking about the piece of fabric-covered plastic behind the rear seats above the rear speakers. It does this under acceleration, bumps, radio on or off, etc. I read one thread where the member put quilt-packing...
1-4 of 4 Results