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  1. Seats Recaro -Red Line (front and rear seats)

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    Recaro front and rear seats from MY 2004 Saturn Ion Redline. These are in Excellent condition. Fits 2003-2007 Saturn Ion as a direct replacement. The front seats will also fit Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 models. This item can be picked up locally or will require freight shipping. Seat...
  2. WTB, recaros

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    NOT looking anymore Looking for drivers, pair or whole set if you don't want to separate. Serious buyer for good condition aproximately 300-400 miles from nyc/long island. [email protected]
  3. WTB Seats

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    I am interested in a set of seats. Reply here or send me a message. Let me know! Thanx, Diego Houston
  4. 04 Recaro Bucket Seats FS

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Took the driver and passenger blue/black Recaros outta my RL. Driver's side is a little worn on the left ass cheek area. Will post pics if anyone's interested. Asking $400 plus shipping.
  5. Rear deck vibration

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    For the past couple months, by rear deck has been vibrating pretty noticabley. I'm talking about the piece of fabric-covered plastic behind the rear seats above the rear speakers. It does this under acceleration, bumps, radio on or off, etc. I read one thread where the member put quilt-packing...