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  1. Tuning & Electronics
    Hey guys, just created an account on here. Have a 04 RL basically stock. Pretty sure the previous owner has changed nothing in this car considering I just pulled the air filter and it was black and rusted. Car has 127k. Think its time for some new spark plugs. I bought platinum NGK's. Just...
  2. Problems & Troubleshooting
    sorry somehow ended up posting 2 threads on the same subject (dealing with intermittent internet connection) active thread here
  3. Problems & Troubleshooting
    The past few weeks I have noticed a significan drop in fuel economy. In order to confirm it wasnt just crappy gas I ran a few more tanks from various different gast stations. I usually was averaging about 260 to 300 on a tank and have been barely breaking 200 now. Given that the tank holds about...
  4. Problems & Troubleshooting
    I was wondering if anyone has blown out a spark plug? I was driving down the road and had no power. Took it to the dealer today and they were asking $3500 to replace the head and the timing chain. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or another way to get this done cheaper? Thanks. Also...
1-4 of 4 Results