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  1. Results of Installing ZZP H/E and Dual Pass

    ION Redline Discussion
    Let me get started by saying I hate those effin hose clamps GM put on the intercooling system. After a long night the other day and a little bit of fun getting that "elusive 8th bolt" out of the intake manifold and scratching my hands all up I have the Dual Pass endplate and ZZP H/E installed...
  2. Stage Kit Questions

    Performance Modifications
    I have done a bit of research but still have quite a few unanswered question or questions that haven't been fully confirmed. I have completely stock Redline, that i have recently obtained and was looking into the stage kits, not sure which to get and what pulley/injectors etc was hoping you guys...
  3. BCM or Electrical?

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    So, after getting my car out of the body shop, I have my power steering fixed but my key locks in my ignition, but before i got that fixed i was having to disconnect the front battery cables (by the fusebox area; due to my key being locked in the ignition and my trunk latch is broke, my electric...
  4. How is the ZZP Stage 2 Tune? I've heard mixed reviews.

    Performance Modifications
    I'm considering doing the ZZP stage 2 upgrade with a 3.1" pulley and 42# injectors. I was considering having a local shop do the tune, but it looks like they are going to charge $600. Ideally I would like to just use the ZZP tune, but I've heard it's not great. The alternative is to buy HP...
  5. Help with Stage 2 Upgrade

    Performance Modifications
    This is going to probably be some basic stuff for you guys and most likely discussed a million times but im looking for some straight answers on upgrading my stock RL to a stage 2. -My question is if i upgrade the injectors, pulley, and belt, is the only thing left ill need is a good tune...
  6. good upgrade set?

    Performance Modifications
    So I recently bought a 2004 Ion Redline. I’ve been looking around at the stage 2 kits and think it. This is what I am planning on getting. Let me know if I missed anything or if I can find it cheaper somewhere else. Most items come from ZZperformace; they seem to have parts tailored for our...