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  1. For Sale! Saturn Ion Redline - Stage 3 - New Engine - Grand Blanc, MI

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    2005 Saturn Ion Redline! Location: Grand Blanc, MI Asking $5,500 O.B.O Mileage: ~126,000 Contact: [email protected] 2.0L Ecotech Supercharged, 5-Speed Manual, Stage 3, ~270 Horsepower Professionally Installed by ZZP @ 118,000 miles : (receipts available) - ZZP Gen 3 LSJ...
  2. For Sale- Saturn Ion Redline Stage 3

    New Member Section
    Black 05 Ion Redline - Stage 3 - Lansing,MI PRE-FIXED UP PRICE: $3500 obo This is not going to be the official for sale post but want to offer the opportunity for the Redline Forum community to be able to scoop up this car for a better deal than in the future. This isn't going to list...
  3. Results of Installing ZZP H/E and Dual Pass

    ION Redline Discussion
    Let me get started by saying I hate those effin hose clamps GM put on the intercooling system. After a long night the other day and a little bit of fun getting that "elusive 8th bolt" out of the intake manifold and scratching my hands all up I have the Dual Pass endplate and ZZP H/E installed...
  4. Cant wait for winter break from college!

    General Discussion
    Earlier this week I recieved my ZZP S3 Heat Exchanger and Dual-Pass Intercooler Kit. Haven't had time to put in on yet, still have to drive several miles a day and don't wanna have to rush a job where I have to take the whole intake manifold off. I will definitely update with some pics of before...
  5. Stage Kit Questions

    Performance Modifications
    I have done a bit of research but still have quite a few unanswered question or questions that haven't been fully confirmed. I have completely stock Redline, that i have recently obtained and was looking into the stage kits, not sure which to get and what pulley/injectors etc was hoping you guys...
  6. New Redline Owner :)

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    Hi Everyone, I just thought I would introduce myself as I have (about two months) bought myself a 06 RL and have found this forum to be extremely useful and informative. A little about myself... I am 35 yrs old and have a 13 yr old daughter. I have been a computer technician and web...
  7. What Do I Need?

    Performance Modifications
    So I recently bought a drop in filter and a stage 3 kit from ZZP: (Cobalt & Ion ---> ZZ Performance) I got the 2.9" pulley, core charge, tighter belt, and a S3 HE It comes also comes with: ZZP modular pulley system GM serpentine belt Plug and play injector harness NGK 4644 spark plugs...