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  1. Just ran against an SS Turbo Stage 1 and kept up!

    ION Redline Discussion
    Last Friday night a buddy of mine in his Cobalt SS turbo Stage 1 with LDK wanted to race and see how much he would beat me by so we decided to do a 45mph pull. He was blown away by how hard my stage 2 kit pulled, at the shift into 3rd the back of his car was about in line with my front wheels...
  2. HELP 5 codes, and serious engine problems!!! :(

    Problems & Troubleshooting
    ok this car seriously just needs a match in the fuel tank already... FROM DAY ONE! Bought the car from local dealership.. drove it off the lot and bam engine blew! put a hole in cyl 1 putting all the compression into the oil pan, blew out the dipstick and all the oil out the dipstick tube.. ok...
  3. A lot of part for sales !

    Buy/Sell Parts
    Hi Im Michael and I have a lot of extra parts for sale, You can make me an offer for everything or separate parts. 1X Eaton m62 supercharger with 71 000km on it. Works very good, no noise, make good boost , new oil. There is the stock pulley on it! ( possibility to get it polished for extra $ )...
  4. Stage 1/2/3 Im confused!~

    Performance Modifications
    OK so im the new guy and i jsut bought my 2006 saturn last week from carmax,im pretty sure its stock? Any way to tell? But anywhoo, i wanted to buy a stage 2 upgrade but apon reading other forums theres also a stage one? I assuming STOCK was stage 1 and stage 2 was the upgrade D: So no im really...
  5. Heat Exhanger ??

    General Discussion
    Ok so far my car has a 2.9 pulley, 42 lb injectors, stock belt, and an exhaust...Im thinking about ordering a zzp stage 1 heat exhanger, will that increase boost at all ? Im on like 10-13 lbs right now depending on the day. Also my computer says series 3, im guessing its a stage 3..Im aloud to...
  6. Stage 1 and 2 Calibrations

    Performance Modifications
    Ok, I'm having trouble understanding, I understand that a stage 1 and a stage 2 calibration are going to be diffrent, but what I don't understand is if they actually send something with the stage 1 and 2 kits that tells the dealership what to calibrate the engine to or if they just kind of know...