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  1. Problems & Troubleshooting
    I have an '04 with 182K miles. Runs like a champ most of the time, but today.... My daughter used it to drive to work today. She says it just died a couple of times while driving, once while turning and once just driving. I have had no problems like that and the battery is not that old - less...
  2. ION Redline Discussion
    Does know what this wire is our where it is supposed to go I didn't remove the stater and could use all of the help I can get. Thanks
  3. General Discussion
    I have an 04 Redline and I can't figure out which wires are supposed to hook up to the starter. I not sure which wires go to which screw. Can anyone take a picture of their starter wires for me? And also the ground wires for the engine bay can someone enlighten me as to where these are supposed...
  4. Problems & Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, So I was having the intermittent starting problem and getting the service vehicle message so last night I changed the ignition switch and did the pass lock thing and the service vehicle message went away as well as the pass lock light. Car has full power still but will not crank at...
  5. Problems & Troubleshooting
    So, after getting my car out of the body shop, I have my power steering fixed but my key locks in my ignition, but before i got that fixed i was having to disconnect the front battery cables (by the fusebox area; due to my key being locked in the ignition and my trunk latch is broke, my electric...
1-5 of 5 Results