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  1. Buy/Sell Cars
    $1500 obo For sale is a stock 2007 Saturn Ion Redline edition with a bad engine. 2.0 litre 4 cylinder supercharged LSJ ecotec engine that may be useful for some parts or rebuild, timing tensioner failed and, once replaced, broke the chain guide and caused all kinds of havoc. Tons of metal in...
  2. Buy/Sell Cars
    Greetings, Forum. In my garage is my father's 05 Ion Redline with a mere 35180 miles. He bought it new, in his mid-70s, thinking it would have future collectible value. Never modded or "rode hard and put away wet". Rather, it was serviced faithfully at GM dealerships as he was a bit obsessed...
  3. Buy/Sell Cars
    I am selling my stock Ion Redline for $8,000 with 79,000 miles. it is still currently being driven so mileage is due to increase. it has new tires with only 1000 miles on them it also has had brake and clutch replacement done once it was bought from previous owner. car runs great and has no...
  4. Buy/Sell Parts
    I am looking to buy a stock intake system. Anyone who happens to have one they don't need please let me know! I will buy it off you! Just reply or send me a pm and we can work something out.
  5. Audio / Visual
    I Cannot for the life of me get the wires out the back of my saturn 06 ion stock radio so that i can hook them up to the adapter for my aftermarket head unit can someone please give me some advice or some help!!!!!
1-5 of 5 Results