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  1. Performance Modifications
    Tvs 1320 for sale for $1700. Also have phenolic spacer and ls4 throttle body for extra cost if interested in those as well. Recently bought the tvs on the Facebook forums and have now decided to go turbo instead.
  2. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  3. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  4. Silver 2006 2.0 supercharged redline (recaro interior) / Black 2007 2.0 sup

    Bought both redlines from SK in the sgi auctions. Fixer up'ers.
  5. Problems & Troubleshooting
    Sorry for the blast of threads, but I got another question I'm hoping you fellow enthusiasts can help with. Every time I pop open my hood, my super charger coolant line is emty! I fill it up, and it takes a fair amount, then drive it for a few weeks, then repeat? What really gets me, is it's not...
  6. Buy/Sell Cars
    Asking, $8,000 but am willing to listen to offers. Please read before you ask. 2007 Saturn Ion 2.4L turbocharged. Garret T3 with turbosmart blow off valve set at 8psi. Currently making just under or at 300whp. (Tuned by Diablo in West Palm Beach and built by Jamie at GM Vera in pembroke Pines...
  7. Buy/Sell Parts
    Hi Im Michael and I have a lot of extra parts for sale, You can make me an offer for everything or separate parts. 1X Eaton m62 supercharger with 71 000km on it. Works very good, no noise, make good boost , new oil. There is the stock pulley on it! ( possibility to get it polished for extra $ )...
  8. Buy/Sell Parts
    Hey all, Not sure what happened but I can tell by the sounds and some weird driving differences that my blower has called it.... "quits". Hoping to get someone who upgraded to lemme get my boosts back :p Thanks!
  9. Problems & Troubleshooting
    Just went to dealership they claim that the "Mass air flow Sensor and the supercharge sensor bout need to be replaced" I dont have the direct codes for these 2 problems but that is what I have been told. And I have not done any modifications it is a 04 RL:boohoo:
  10. General Discussion
    Hey just wondering, im brand new to this forum. Just got my 3.1 pulley and new belt, finally got the old pulley off the supercharger, got the new hub on. Ordered all my stuff from zzp...Question is, the belt they gave me looks to small.....Belt is 20mmx1665mm OC...Its the K060650...Does anyone...
  11. Problems & Troubleshooting
    hello i just bought a 04 rl with 91xxx miles..i notice when i get in 3rd gear and give it more than very very light throttle my engine makes a sort of ticking/light knocking noise..and gets louder as i give more gas but when im not giving any gas (cruising) theres no noise only upon...
  12. Performance Modifications
    I figured I would post some pics of what I have so far. I do have the waste gate already but its sitting at friends shop right. Piping for intercooler, air intake, and down pipe are there also. Once the gaskets come in I am going to make sure I am not missing anything and if all good we will...
  13. Problems & Troubleshooting
    ok my check engine light came on so i went to autozone and they said definition:Supercharger inlet pressure sensor performance Explanation:the ECM has detected that the actual measure air pressure from the SCIP sensor does not match the expected range Probable cause: or short...
  14. Buy/Sell Parts
    ALL SOLDWell I'm trying to get some cash together to finish some things I started with my car, so here goes the list of spare parts I have. ALL Prices are Eaton M62 Supercharger with stock pulley comes with new supercharger oil still in bottle - $220 The threads in the driveshaft to change...
  15. Performance Modifications
    Hi my name is Joseph, I have a 2003 ion sedan with the base 2.2L. I want to turbo or super charge it and do a few other mods... I was told that tuneing is possible through a few different ways such as a stand alone system. I really want this done but i have no real idea as to where to start...
  16. Buy/Sell Parts
    Hey Everyone I finally got the shell and motor out of my hair, and I have several leftover parts still up for sale. Posted are some pics of the leftover goods. (Not pictured) Stock Springs-Drivers side Fender RED- Doors Front and rear- Trunk - Rear Panels. All funds will be put twoard good...
1-17 of 17 Results