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  1. Just ran against an SS Turbo Stage 1 and kept up!

    ION Redline Discussion
    Last Friday night a buddy of mine in his Cobalt SS turbo Stage 1 with LDK wanted to race and see how much he would beat me by so we decided to do a 45mph pull. He was blown away by how hard my stage 2 kit pulled, at the shift into 3rd the back of his car was about in line with my front wheels...
  2. Turbo charger!

    Performance Modifications
    How much money am i looking to spend to buy a turbo charger in my stock ride?! :argue:
  3. Laser's TwinCharge Build.

    Performance Modifications
    I figured I would post some pics of what I have so far. I do have the waste gate already but its sitting at friends shop right. Piping for intercooler, air intake, and down pipe are there also. Once the gaskets come in I am going to make sure I am not missing anything and if all good we will...
  4. 06 E85 ION Redline vs 09 GMS1 Cobalt SS/TC

    Kills Section
    My First kill video...I hope I made it worth while. GMRedline v SS_carnatic ION Redline Custom Tube Inc Exhaust Siemens 80# Fuel Injectors E85 M62 w/ Ported outlet/Polished inlet 2.6" Pulley HPTuners Custom Tune Innovative Motorsports Wideband Sensor Limited Slip Differential Exedy Hyper...
  5. Not a redline but need help still please.

    Performance Modifications
    Hi my name is Joseph, I have a 2003 ion sedan with the base 2.2L. I want to turbo or super charge it and do a few other mods... I was told that tuneing is possible through a few different ways such as a stand alone system. I really want this done but i have no real idea as to where to start...
  6. hot import nights

    hot import nights

    600+hp ecotec
  7. hot import nights

    hot import nights

    600+hp ecotec