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  1. Buy/Sell Parts
    I added this to another post but wanted everyone to see it. This wing sat in my parents basement for the last 16 years. If anyone needs it make an offer and let me know. I just sprayed it off and dried it. Sure a good cleaning and polish would make it even better.
    $1 USD
  2. Buy/Sell Parts
    Please let me know if you, someone you know, or some random shop has a high rise that will fit my (new to me) 2004 Ion Redline. It has the low spoiler and just doesn’t look quite right. Just let me know what you’ll take for it, my 77 offer was just to make the post! I know I’m a bit late to...
    $77 USD
  3. Buy/Sell Parts
    Looking for the high-rise aero style spoiler for my 2007 ion. Car is silver but colour doesn't matter to me (would just be a bonus) Willing to ship to it to Canada, OR Detroit Michigan if seller is from the US. Thanks! :rocker:
  4. Buy/Sell Parts
    hello, I'm searching for the highrise spoiler I currently have the aero (silver) I'm located in California (northern) I can rarely get on so if you have a trade or any info,tips etc.. email me @ [email protected]
  5. Buy/Sell Parts
    Looking for the Aero Spoiler in Cobalt Blue Metallic for my 04 RL. Hit me up if you have one avail.
  6. Buy/Sell Parts
    very interested in high rise spoiler. red is preferred but i will take any color i can find for the right price
  7. Buy/Sell Parts
    I have my blue factory low rise wing i just removed from my redline to swap for a high rise and just would like to sell it. Not sure if anyone would need it or want it but i figure i would post it up for grabs if someone did. $100 OBO Its off of an 06 redline and is in excellent condition
  8. Buy/Sell Parts
    -Ok heres the deal. I have a low rise spoiler on my redline and wanted an aero spoiler because i love the look. So i bought one off of ebay from a company thinking it was the factory wing but really it was just a look alike. It is basically a low rise aero spoiler. I want the actual factory...
  9. ION Redline Discussion
    I have a factory/oem low profile spoilerlike this one: WG1538 Car Spoiler for Saturn Ion Quad Coupe 2003+. Anyone know where I can find one like this: WG1647 Car Spoiler for Saturn Ion Quad Coupe 2003+ that will fit in the same mount points as my factory low profile spoiler? The website...
1-9 of 9 Results