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  1. Starter wires

    General Discussion
    I have an 04 Redline and I can't figure out which wires are supposed to hook up to the starter. I not sure which wires go to which screw. Can anyone take a picture of their starter wires for me? And also the ground wires for the engine bay can someone enlighten me as to where these are supposed...
  2. Dashboard removal help

    Visual Modifications
    I recently bought 4 blue LED lights to brighten up and make my dashboard more eye catching. i currently have the lights placed in front of the plastic glass pointing to my speedometer/tachometer/ect, the lights have more than enough wire length to reach the back passanger 12v plug, and thats...
  3. I Cant Get The Wires Out the Back Of My Stock Radio....Need Help!!! 2006 Saturn Ion

    Audio / Visual
    I Cannot for the life of me get the wires out the back of my saturn 06 ion stock radio so that i can hook them up to the adapter for my aftermarket head unit can someone please give me some advice or some help!!!!!