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  1. Performance Modifications
    I figured I would finally make a thread to list off everything I've done and plan to do to help me keep track and incase anyone out there is interested. To sum the story up I bought my 2nd wrecker redline, and I am in the process of rebuilding it. When I got there I noticed the signs of being a...
  2. Buy/Sell Parts
    I am looking for a supercharger coolant resevoir. The tube deal infront of the supercharger. Also when my car was wrecked some sensors on the front of my engine broke so I will be replacing them. Not sure on the names of them so I will go down to the shop tomorrow and get better pics of them and...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey people, I'm doing this post quick before I go to work so if I forget some details ill touch up on them later and post pics. But anyways I just bought a redline yesterday and want to try to find out if its a members old car or if anyone knows more info on it. From what the dealer told me...
1-3 of 3 Results