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07-31-2004 - Little Buffalo State Park, PA - Get Together

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Date - 07-31-2004 - Early Morning Until ????
Where - Little Buffalo State Park, Newport, PA
Website of Park - Link
Event - Get Together, BBQ, Swimming, Fishing, Whatever

Ok, we are pulling together an event that is spanning multiple car clubs all at once, and altogether something new and exciting. This is not your typical car show event, more like a show & shine, meet & greet event where everyone gets together and has a good time. Let's make this like Lord Of the Rings epic porportions. I'm talking, let's take over an entire section of the parking lot, no scrap that, an entire parking lot full of tuners out to have a good time.

We are asking this to be more of like a "pot luck" style gathering where we all get together and bring something along (or pick something up along the way if you are not cullinary inclined). This is going to be a family oriented event so bring your significant others and kiddies along, there is plenty to see and do here (ok, not plenty but at least something). There is a fishing lake/pond (license I believe is required - but none needed to just feed the fishies), boat rental, and best of all, a huge swimming pool (pay entrance of course, but it is like $4.00 for an adult all day pass).

This is not based off of specific clubs so much as the forums where I received a PM about you attending and to show an approximate head count. If I have missed a forum here, do not hesitate to cross post it for me (shoot me a PM as well about this).

So here's the deal, if you are interested in attending, shoot me a PM, let me know. I want everyone who wants to attend to come on out.

Post On SixthSpehere = ?? Attending
Post On ClubSi = ?? Attending
Post On NASIOC = ?? Attending
Post On I-Club = ?? Attending
Post On Redline Forums = ?? Attending
Post On SaturnSpot = ?? Attending
Post OnSaturnSpeed = ?? Attending
Post On SpeedStreet = ?? Attending
Post On TurboSaturns = ?? Attending
Post On XtremeSaturn = ?? Attending

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count me in!! along with 2 other friends. :)
Any update on this magis?
How many people are attending?... I hope my Red Line is working by then... it's having problems keeping oil in the motor.... damn.
Not going to make it >( My Red Line broke again... 3rd time in a month.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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