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1999 SVT Contour for sale - michigan

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1999 SVT Contour
89,000 miles
Black w/ sunroof and spoiler
Located in Michigan, 48170 zip code.

I hate to sell it, but I've got the redline now, so this car has to go. I bought it with 43,000 miles in 2001 and now the odometer stands at 88,900 miles. Im the 3rd owner, and all maitenence records have been kept. Mobil 1 synthetic has been used since the first oil change. A new clutch was put in the car in Sept. of 2004 due to the slave cylinder failing. Ive never raced or otherwise abused this car. I commute 30 miles to and from school, which accounts for most of the milage.

The rear brakes need to be replaced. New discs and pads were purchased but never put on the car. I am including those, as well as two full size spare tires.
Also inluded with the car is the JVC head unit, 12 disc CD changer, and 12 inch JL sub w/ amp.
I am located in Plymouth MI, just 25 minutes west of Detroit.
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Thats sharp i want it!!! lol
do you happen to go to EMU?
xtremelumina92 said:
do you happen to go to EMU?
Nope, I go to Wayne State.
And ive been driving the Redline since January.
man I love those cars

probably a better DD than my 97 SC2
:shrug03:Is this car still for sale? lol yes I am bored!!! lol
No, It's not. But the crazy thing is, I just listed the redline I bought when I sold the SVT.

After creating the FS thread I see this old FS thread right below it. :spineyes:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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