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2005 Audi S4 4.2 Avant Vs me

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i got owned AWD at the track is awesome
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S4's are fast. I built one in GranTurismo3 that was so good people wouldn't let me use it to race them. Good power, AWD, race tuned everything. A GTO would smoke it though...
The newer S4's have alot of power, heavy like the GTO but alot of power, so they can whip our asses until we start getting some mods.
Even after mods we wouldnt have much of a chance. This dude a cople towns over was selling a slightly modded S4 (intake, exhaust, Piggy back, drop) and was @ 398WHP. 10 second car every time. Those rides are quick
The S4s are pretty nice cars. I haven't raced any yet though, so I don't know how they would compare. It's kinda sad when people buy those cars and get autos... :rolleyes: I just saw the RS6 (twin turbo V8) in the parking lot of Enterprise where I got my rental while I had my RL fixed, but it was a friggin auto. I'm pretty sure they come in manuals, but this one was sadly an auto. But the S4s in the late 90s, maybe the 2000 and 2001 model year too, had twin turbo v6s with those numbers that you posted. The new ones you see now have the big 4.2L V8s (naturally aspirated). I'd have to look into the numbers on both for power and 0-60 times, so I can't give an estimate of who would win, us or them. My guess is that they will probably beat us. I just wanted to clear up the two different type of engines in both of them.
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atleast i dont have to feel bad about losing :) yall cheered me up!

thanx all
A friend of my wifes has one. She (yes she :D ) let me take it for a drive when she as over one day and it was a very impressive car. Being a stick it was fun to drive but I think an auto would give one hell of a whole shot off of the line.
I just looked into the numbers. It looks like the RS6s only come in tiptronic I take back what I said about them. The S4s come in manuals and autos though.

The S4s made from 2003 and on had the 4.2L V8s that make about 344hp and 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds. So they'll definetely beat on us.

The earlier S4s that have the twin turbo V6s are only making 265 hp (only being compared to the v8s) but they're only a tad bit slower being 5.6-5.7s 0-60 times.
Oddly enough I found myself next to a convertable S4 this morning, brand new. Older man driving. I didn't even think about it.
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