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2005 Competition Package

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Has anyone seen this?

Pretty sweet, I must say.
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comp package

i think the rims look like turds, and the fog lights look like an afterthought.

I do however think LSD and boost gague is f-ing great.

And like the floor mats with redline emblems.
The boost gauge seems to have LED's on either side of it. I wonder if this is the intigrated shift light that has been talked about. If that is the case will it be able to be adapted (the ladder tach that is) to work with RL's other than the competition model?
i like the wheels, but im just gonna get my own when 5x110 starts coming out by more companies.

the boost gauge is nice, but thats too late for me....

of course the lsd is sweet

the foglights are kickass, as long as they are nice and freaking BRIGHT!

and the floormats are decent, just nothin to get all excited over.
That boost gauge looks so crappy how they mounted it. They could have made it look sleeker. It's a big hump on the steering column its sook ugly. It's functional but ugly as heck. Now if they put a tach there it would be ugly but more functional for racing. I like the RL's wheels now the comp package all they did was paint the inside a darker color, atleast thats what it looks like to me. Well im happy i didn't wait for a comp package except for the LSD. And those fog lights look goofy to. I wish i was on the design team for saturn (not saying my ideas would be better, but they just have horrible designs)
How does the ladder tachometer work?

Personally I like the way the Pillar mounted gauges look.
It is funny, they make a big deal about the instrument cluster being off to the side where nothing can obstruct the drivers view, and they put a guague right behind the steering wheel . . .
A-pillar all the way
My floormat already has a hole in the carpet where my heel is, only 4k, hmm . . .
i think the boost gauge looks pretty good, but i do agree that it could hae been designed a lot nicer. ill still buy it when it comes out. and i think the projector fog lights look nice.
The only thing I want from there is the LSD and fog lights. The boost gauge is in a very odd place, plus it will probably be way overpriced. The wheels dont look as good as i thought they would.

The floormats may already be available, they were at the auto show. Nothing special though.
I think those wheels look like ass on a red car. They would look nice on a black or silver one.

I don't like where the boost gauge is although the ladder tach would be nice.

The only thing this car has that I really want is the LSD and maybe the foglamps.
For me, just cause i have a silver RL, i would have to say that i like those rims. I do not like their choice of foglights, me personally i think they should have gone with a bigger size. The boost gauge is in a weird spot, they should have put it on the A-pillar. Not sure about the size, but i hope it is a large one for those of us with bad vision.
I was very suprised that Saturn placed that boost gauge on the steering column. I think that they should have placed it in the a-pillar like the cobalt. I am sure that there is a reason for the placement, probably something like costing a lot less to place there rather than make new a-pillars, but I think they really dropped the ball on that one.
just buy a new a-pillar......and have a pod molded onto it, and there u go, one piece.

thats what im having done, itll probably be alot cheaper to do that than it will to have saturn put one on for u
We thought about that, but is the wiring going to be different due to the shift lights on the side of the gauge? You could possibly just exclude the additional wires, but it might make the fit into the pod too tight to install. We really won't know until they hit the dealership and we can take a look at them.
Maybe they just figured that looking from the center of the dashboard, all the way to the A pillar was just to far, (this probibally applies only applies to a couple of us)
The boost gauage looks horrible in my opinion. The LSD would be nice, and I think those wheels would look great on my silver RL.
Are these available for purchase yet?
Are these available for purchase yet?
no doubt i want one!!!!!!!!!!!
lol wtf is that supposed to be serious?
:rolleyes: ill let you figure that one out
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