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Hope maybe we could get a Saturn or two in the running next year???
Click the photo to go to the video/tracking page​

They have ingeniously combined a vehicle tracking system with mobile video
updates, and complete web access. This is a hoot to keep track of. Hit the
site and check out the updates. You might find it addicting.

Lake Effect Racing has two cars entered in the event, Mid-Priced Sedan.

The Blue 2004 SRT-4 from last year, the deerkiller, returns to terrorize the creatures of the night again. Upgrades from last year are limited to weight reduction. They put the car on scales last week and turned out a 2555 pound number. The A/C remains in the car, it's fully streetable, and should be pretty damn quick for a Neon. The car remains Stage 2 for this event, unless S3R arrives tomorrow. It will carry car number 63.

The Yellow 2003 SRT-4 is owned by M_Dunnie and is a Stage One car. This car is not expected to be competitive, as they added a lot of weight to it to make it a comfortable mobile video editting/ website updating command center. It will tow a trailer. The car will be number 72.

All of the team members are SRT Veterans;
Dale Seeley, Dunnie Morgan, Kolin Aspegren, Todd Eberline (Ebbtide), Miki Kologranic (Methkid), Jamin Cummings (JaminC)

This year, competition will be tougher in class. Three STi's, a WRX, and an EVO8 will most likely be their biggest problems. Nothing at Onelap is stock, an event that encourages unlimited modifications tends to attract the same. The Ramirez driven STi is vicious. It's been putting nearly 500 hp to the ground all spring. If it doesn't break, it will finish ahead of them. The Hagopian driven WRX is a past class winner and he'll be looking to do it again.

We don't know much about the other AWD teams, but it's fair to say that they should not be discounted. Another team that should not be discounted is the 300C SRT-8 of Heuschele and Zelkowski. "Fast as a Viper"
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