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2005 Saturn ION Red Line in Worcester,Ma

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We Stopped by Saturn of Worcestr(Mass) and they have a loaded (red) red line. Also they have a blue 2004.

SRTGURL mentioned that she likes the looks of the Red Line over the Cobalt SS... go figure(it was red)
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So we finally test drove and beat the crap out of the redline today(ION). I was quick. srtgurl was liking it.

funny thing was that even this one brand new idled funny as it surged until it warmed up.

This place currently has 4 Redlines and 2 have been there since 2004.

Went to the Chevy dealership locally and what a joke, a kid that looked no older than 19 was the sales man. asked what I was looking for and told him i want literature of the cobalt. he continues on to give me the brochure and shows me the interactive system. he asked what we had and continued to tell him that we have an srt4, he looked out the glass and saw it. points out that the CSS will smoke our car. As we tell buddy not our car we have over 400whp.

And he says, out of a Neon?...nah....

He continues on that he is a V8/luxury type of guy and he has owned a Hummer,Cadillac, Mustang GT and he will be getting the Z06 soon. Remember that this kid looks to be 19yrs old and has not 1 single facial hair and talked with a girlie voice.

Now why would you go and start talking down on your customers and mention that you are above them because you drive quality cars?

It shocked me, needless to say the saturn dealership of course held to it's Sales tactic (car sells itself).

This certain Chevy dealership will not get my Purchase.
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Yes I was with Nivo and Jean tonight on this test drive.

As an SRT owner myself, I must say I was very impresed with the redline. Impressed so much in fact, Im trying to con my sister into getting one :)

BTW, anyone in the Mass area, dont buy from the Chevey dealer on Park Ave. in Worcester :)
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