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2007 Saturn Vue Redline Struts

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I've searched online far and wide to try and find struts for my vehicle but have had absolutely no luck. My local GM dealership has never seen anything like my Redline and couldn't find struts either. Does anyone have any advice?
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Have you checked rock auto? I think they had the same struts as the base vue
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The problem is I'm not sure if it's the same. The Redline suspension is 26mm shorter than the baseline Vue and I'm not sure where they're getting the 26mm (if it's in the strut assembly or the mounting position?). I can't imagine it would hurt anything by raising it a little bit as 26mm is not much but I just want to be sure.
And would it be the strut that's shorter? Or is the vehicle shorter do to the body kit? I know the Vue redline and the baseline is the same body. The panels and interior were different. All interchangeable, though. And the same 3.5/AWD came in base line models, too. So I'd bet the assemblies are the same
I need struts for my 2008 saturn sky any ideas?
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